Friday, 1 February 2008

Simply smashing

Sometimes I wish I was Greek. Then maybe I wouldn't feel so goofy about smashing crockery. I was angry today, and thought "I'll smash some plates" which seemed a very satisfying thought and much more productive then anger turned in on myself (you know the thoughts "i think I'll smash me"). So. Smashing plates....... but sadly I've missed the boat. The impulse has left and all my crockery is still in tact. I was lying on the couch you see, but my husband was home and I was too embarassed to do it in front of him. Then I started planning.... we live kinda close to our neighbours so I'd have to shut the doors and windows. Then I would need to shut the dog away so he didn't hurt his injured paw further, wear some flip flops, find the crappy crockery (I mean I'd regret it if I smashed Nanna's plates), and find a corner that was easy to clean up. It all seemed too much for someone who couldn't manage to peel herself off the couch. So I just stayed there and cried instead.

But in a similar (less violent) messiness. I did sensory play at school with my little autistic friends. "Sensory Play" is the name we give it to make it sound legit. It involved covering one desk in shaving cream and putting marbles in it, putting out a big bucket of rice with toys in it, putting out a big bucket of soapy water with toys in it, covering the floor of a corner of the room in packing filler (you know those little styrophoam bits), putting out a foot spa, and putting out a tray of tiny shells to run their hands through. It was great. This kid just went up to the massive pile of shaving cream and scooped up a handful and rubbed it all over his uniform and then all through his hair and over his face. He he heeeee. I know how to give kids a fun time. Another one just stuck his hands in the rice and started chucking it about. He liked it falling on his head and watching it bounce on the floor.

As you can imagine the room was a little messy when we were finished. But that is why we pay for cleaners. The kids were very happy, and once the froth had settled, they were quite calm too.

I am angry because my friend (the one who had preeclampsia in the last post - delay in the induction) just had a baby girl in the hospital I had my baby girl in. How can it not hurt?

Tomorrow I am doing this - without the extras of a clairvoyant and Rob Dekota. It looks a bit tacky but truly, you haven't seen Pittwater. It's amazing, and sitting on the deck of a boat looking at that scenery can only ever be uplifting. And I think swimming in the boom net could be fun. (yes. I have just learned how to link other sites)

Tomorrow is Day 2 of FSH.

mmmm......... I wonder.


Lori said...

When I first saw the word "Pampers Afloat" I was grossed out!

But now I want to join you. Have a wonderful time tomorrow. Much more satifying than smashing the melmac. I think.

Pamela Jeanne said...

Hey the next time we want to break some crockery, give me a shout. My husband is half Greek so I'm a little Greek by association. I've never actually broken anything but dang the idea sounds to good not to try the next time I'm feeling supremely frustrated.

As for the indulgence you're on today. I'm seriously envious. Hope it's all that and a bag of chips!