Tuesday, 14 August 2007

It's official

Starting IVF on Aug 29th.

Which calls for a plan of attack. I am not known for being a strategic person. I rely on my intuitive reactions which can serve me well in an event where everyone else is unravelling (eg. lose someone on an excursion) but is not great when you know there is something momentous ahead.

So - against the grain, I am trying to PLAN for my and my husbands emotional stability over coming weeks and months.

Strategy 1. To remember "this is a new event. I have not done IVF in Aug 07 before. I do not know the outcome. I do not even know how good/bad I will find it. I will take each day as it comes". Gotta get a good start with that self talk huh.

Strategy 2. And here I am drawing a short straw. I can't think of a strategy number 2. How the hell do we do it?

Well...... that post was short lived.

Mmmmmm maybe I could at least think of a few "thou shalt nots". 10 commandment style.

Thou shalt not try and predict outcome but will take each day as it comes (yeah right).

Thou shalt not fight with husband (yeah right)

Thou shalt not withdraw and isolate self

Thou shalt not go loopy

Thou shalt not stay in bed every thursday - but every second thursday is oK

Thou shalt do reading on anxiety and panic disorders and how to manage it

Thou shalt buy series 6 of Northern Exposure and hang out with thine Alaskan friends.

Thou shalt cook something excellent at least once a week. (starting with jerk chicken)

Thou shalt sit in the garden with the dog.

Thou shalt have a wee sip of wine from time to time

Thou shalt tell thine husband when thouest is blue or down

IS that 12 yet? Or is it only meant to be 10? And I call myself a preacher's kid.

Anyone want to add something to my list of commandments?


jeanie said...

I like the idea of isolating THIS IVF cycle (Aug 2007) as an distinct event that should be viewed on it's own terms. It can be so hard to screen out past experience when going through all of this, but as they say in the financial world, past experience is no guarantee of future outcome(or something like that). I think based on that strategy alone, you are headed in the right direction. Also, maybe add one additional commandment-- something along the lines of "Thou shalt cut thyself some slack if thou does violate one of the above commandments once or twice."??

Anonymous said...

Thou shalt not torture thyself by peeing on a stick too early.

Kami said...

This IVF is a grand adventure! What kind of adventure would it be if you knew the outcome. Have a great ride!

Ok, that worked for a couple of my IVF's, but it didn't work for others.

I think it is great to separate out this IVF and no matter what, you still have lots of options. GL!

Pamela Jeanne said...

The Northern Exposure idea is a great one. I checked out an extended series to distract and entertain during my "resting" period, too. One other indulgence: Mindless gossip, fashion or other light reading that takes little concentration but makes for more distracting entertainment.

If you haven't considered acupuncture, it's worth putting on the list of items to explore -- both for the mental and physical boost it can provide.

Oh, and be sure to tell us how we can help, too. Wishing you well as you prepare and make your way to Aug. 29 and onward...

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