Thursday, 22 January 2009

My sister

Is having a baby in a few weeks.

She has had increased Ob appts due to the size if the baby being very small and continuing to drop in its percentile band. Last week (at 37 wks) she dropped to below 5%.

It is disturbingly similar to Maya. Although she was smaller than my sisters bub. It is wierd though. When Maya was diagnosed with the unbalanced translocation both Jacob and I were tested and it was determined that I carried the translocation. Then my other sister (who was pregnant at the time) and my parents were tested to see if they also carried the translocation and it came back clear. Which means that it was a problem that started in me - when I was one cell - even though I can pass it on to any kids I may have. Which means it would be very very unlikely to have a sister with the same problem. The odds would be similar to having two siblings (aside from identical twins) with Down Syndrome.

The thing that is worrying for me is that she is not small, neither is her partner. Also, all the flows look good in the placenta and chord etc. I know this should be a good thing but it tends to point to the problem being with the bubs rather than with her or with the chord/placenta. It all feels eerily familiar to me and I am quite concerned.

I guess this is where a "she'll be right" attitude works wonders. I am sitting nervously by trying not to assume the worst while she seems to be travelling pretty fine.

Please keep her and her baby in your thoughts/prayers.


Michele said...

Praying for your sister right now. I'm so sorry; I cant imagine the stress you feel right now. Sending hugs.

Mrs. Spit said...

Oh B, I will. I'm sorry, this must be so terrifying for you to watch.

Lori said...

Will do, B.

This must be so hard for you. Sending you good thoughts, too.

CLC said...

Praying for your sister. I am sure you are all scared. I hope all will be well.

Kami said...

I hope everything turns out well for your sister and her baby.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of you and your sister. We as babyloss mommas know all to well the possibility of bad outcomes, I dont think we will ever have our innocence again, I know this must be difficult for you. Much love.

Me said...

This is one of those ignorance is bliss things... I hope they are lucky and don't have to be "educated". And I wish you strength as you try to ignore your own knowledge.

niobe said...

How scary.

I had something a little like that happen with my older son (now a healthy teenager). When I was pregnant with him, his growth slowed and then stopped. By the time I reached 35 weeks or so, he was below the 5th percentile.

The tests all looked normal and the doctor wanted to wait and see, but I insisted that they induce at 37 weeks. The baby was tiny, but, after he was born, he quickly caught up and ended up in a normal size range and perfectly healthy.

They never figured out exactly what went wrong, but guessed that there may have been some problem with the placenta that just didn't show up on the tests.

Now, obviously, there are many, many reasons that a baby might be below the 5th percentile in size and something completely different might be going on with your sister's baby. But I just wanted to say that sometimes -- like in my case -- everything turns out all right....

niobe said...

And I meant to say that you should just skip over my dopey story if you don't want to read it.

I know that, even though there are some happy endings out there that far too often (like with the twins I lost two years ago) things don't work out.

Your sister is in my thoughts and prayers.

Cassandra said...

Sorry to hear about your negative test from the FET.

Hope that everything goes well for your sister.