Monday, 23 February 2009

A question of etiquette.

So. There I was. Coffee date with a friend. We were sitting at the bar at the window looking out onto the street in the last inner city suburb in Sydney that hasn't been completely overun by yuppies. The next place to be.

I'm staring out the window, tears dripping into my latte (decaf of course) as I tell my friend what's been going down. I spy my RE out the window, with his little posse of gay friends. I put my head down and tell my friend that that man out the window has spent many hours staring into my chimichanga*. I drop my head so my hair covers my face........ He walks past me in the window..... and then into the same cafe with his friends.

What does one do in such a circumstance?

Mrs. Spit. I needed you.

* I really have no idea why my friend and I now call it a chimichanga


luna said...

I don't know why I think it is hilarious that your RE is gay. I'd probably have hidden too. not exactly the coffee talk you'd want to imagine them having...

Bluebird said...

I'll be interested to see what others say to this. B thought we saw our MFM in a restaurant shortly after I got out of the hospital - but I couldn't be sure. I'm so bad about not recognizing people when they're somewhere I don't expect them to be! (i.e. outside the dr's office)
I'm also really bad about assuming that people don't recognize me out of my element. I definitely wouldn't have said anything in your shoes. Despite all the hours spent together, I would have assumed he didn't recognize me! Crazy, I know :)

Mrs. Spit said...

For starters, he's a professional. It's one thing when your accountant or your dog groomer notices you in public.

If it's a health professional, any kind of a health professional, he's actually barred from walking over and starting up a conversation because that would identify you as his patient.

You can absolutely look up and nod. Say good morning if you wish.

Equally, you can pretend he's not there. He should be following your lead, in this case.

I'm sorry, that was terribly unfortunate timing.

Anonymous said...

What a crazy situation. I probably would have ducked. I have never run into RE, but I have run into the staff. I have just nodded, but I am not really sure they new who I was!

Lori said...

Good thing you weren't sitting at a Taco Bell! You could always walk out with a, uh, chimichanga or taco as a greeting.

Michele said...

Our town's EMS, Fire, and Police have all seen my hoohaa. We live in a small town. I see these guys at the grocery store and at church. I used to be absolutely mortified, until I thought, you know what. That's the job they chose. They chose to see my hoohaa. (I realize, truly, it wasnt much of a choice, but...) I still probably blush, but when/if they recognize me, I say hi, ask how they are, etc. and go about my day. But it is SO strange!

Coming2Terms said...

Oh wow. I've often wondered what it would be like to run into those who've been so intimate with me...I think I would have done the exact same thing. Duck.

Kami said...

I probably would have said "HI!" if our eyes happen to meet. I have found I can separate the patient / doctor interaction and the person / person interaction. I have had interesting and enjoyable conversations while getting things prepped for a transfer.

On another note, I agree with Luna. It is funny to imagine him gay with an entourage.